Iris to Floretta

They both live side by side among
The wooded banks of endless song,
Where wild birds carol all day long.

The iris grows beneath the ledge
Of bank all overgrown with sedge
That creeps along the river's edge.

My little girl, so like that flower,
Strong in her purity of power,
Fidelity her richest dower.

With heart and thought of clearer tone
Than her surroundings — where alone
She shines — a gem among the stone.

Her sister twin — the iris blue,
With blossoms clothed in Heaven's hue,
So like her life — so tried and true.

They both live where they daily meet
Temptations through their lives so sweet —
An undercurrent 'round their feet
The stream of love and truth to blend,
A sweetness Heaven alone can send
The iris and my little friend.
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