To Isaac Hawkins Brown, Esq.

HAIL , Friend, and guide of this enchanted grove,
Whose grateful charms reveal thy taste and love!
At whose command their streams the currents break,
And floating mirrors glide upon the lake;
With Fairy chance the shifted scene is view'd
From careless paths by Nature's feet pursued,
While sportive Echo bids her caves around
The falling rivulet's complaint resound;
A temple worthy of Palladian hands
The sylvan bank's declivity commands:
The naked cliff, pre-eminently rude,
With a romantic terror crowns the wood.
These are thy pupils , though of Nature born ;
Thy Muse they worship, and thy taste adorn.
These, from the Senate and the Court remov'd,
Be thy attractions, of the just approv'd:
The moral grace, and brilliant, though serene,
Domestic charms, that emulate the scene!
Be thine immortal Plato's blest retreat,
Be thine Religion's unpolluted seat!
Hands to relieve, example to amend,
The word a bond , the heart that loves its Friend .
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