To Isabel

Arise, my Isabel, arise,
The sun shoots forth his early ray,
The hue of love, is in the skies,
The birds are singing, come away!
Oh come! my Isabella come!
With inky tendrils, hanging low,
Thy cheeks like hedge rose, just in bloom,
That in the healthy summer glow.

That eye it turns the world away
From wanton ways, & recklessness,
That eye beams with a cheerful ray,
And smiles propitiously to bless,
Oh come! my Isabella dear!
Oh come! and fill these longing arms,
Come let me see thy beauty here,
And bend in worship, oer thy charms.

Oh come! my Isabella love!
My dearest Isabella come!
Thy loves affection let me prove,
And kiss thy beauty, in its bloom,
My Isabella young, and fair,
Thou darling of my home, and heart,
Come love my bosoms truth to share,
And of its being, form a part.
To Isabella Sharp
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