From Italy

It is a happy thought, I ween,
That, with my heart and fancy free,
Though seas and nations lie between,
I still am side by side with Thee.

Though strange in this illustrious land,
Distraught by many a pleasant care,
One simple trace of thy dear hand
Begets me wings and takes me there.

I sit within thy small still room,
I feel thy low--embreathèd tone
Come towards me, in the evening gloom,--
I live for thee and thee alone.

And, where yon lime's colossal bower
Draws out its long impleachèd aisle,
I walk with thee the noontide hour,
Listen thy laugh and watch thy smile.

Thou too, from out the planet croud,
Of which thou art the life and sun,
When answered jest and frolic loud
Goad the light moments as they run,--

Wilt send thy heart a silent way
On embassy of love to me,--
And, trust me, be it night or day,
I shall receive it royally.

Thus, though in outward space apart,
I see thee, hear thee, know thee true;
For, versed in Friendship's sacred art,
The Spirit has its senses too.

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