Jane W. . . .n


Long as bees fly to seek the rose
That blooms upon the briar
As pilewort on the pasture grows
To set the green on fire
So long as may blooms deck the thorn
And cowslips gild the lea
My Jane the fairest maiden born
I'll love and think of thee.


While in the thorn hedge sparrows build
And lay their eggs of blue
While primrose flowers the green woods gild
I'll love and think of you
The morn dews hang in christal drops
Primrose and blue bell too
We'll make the trembling gems to stop
But a sweeter gem are you.


Let nights be short my bonny Jane
And morning walks be long
The bee bangs at the window pane
And bids thee join his song
Come walk with me and while the bee
Goes singing down the lane
I'll cheat him of a flower for thee
And dearly love my Jane.
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