And is she now fallen
That city of souls
The land with Gods call on
— Like the planet that rolls
The land that God quickened
Is perished and dead
Her people they sickened
Her Alters are fled


Her alters are perished
No holy hope gives
While the heathen are cherished
And their baal still lives
Gods chosen scorns fingers
Points low in the dust
A remnant still lingers
In iron and rust


The Agag's around them
Have cut them away
And the heathens confine them
To dungeons a prey
The city of David
The land of the Lord
Like heathens depraved
All fell by the sword


O Lord God Almighty
Our fallen state see
The queen of the city
Is weeping for thee
Thy temple is fallen
Thy city is gone
And the daughters are calling
To thee when alone


Our Mothers are widdows
Our alters o'erthrown
And the Agag's forbid us
To put up a stone
Lord heed us and hear us
Though fallen we're men
We'll see Agag fear us
And our temple agen


Our prayer never ceases
By day or by night
They're all " cut in pieces"
Who question thy might
Our speach shall not falter
On mountain or glen
Lord build thy own alter
Of our city agen
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