The spring of life is o'er with me
And love and all gone by
Like broken bough upon yon tree
I'm left to fade and die
Stern ruin seized my home and me
And desolate's my cot.
Ruins of halls — the blasted tree
Are emblems of my lot


I liv'd and lov'd — I woo'd and won
Her love was all to me
But blights fell o'er that youthful one
And like a blasted tree
I withered till I all forgot
But Jessys smile on me
She never liv'd were love was not
And I from bonds was free


The spring it clothed the fields with pride
When first we met together
And there unknown to all beside
We lov'd in sunny weather
We met where oaks green overhead
And white thorns hung with may
Wild thyme beneath her feet was spread
And Cows in quiet lay


I thought her face was sweeter far
Than aught I'd seen before
As simple as the cowslips are
Upon the rushy moor
She seem'd the muse of that sweet spot
The Lady of the plain
And all was dull where she was not
Till love met there again
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