When the sabbath it comes to the green
The maidens are there in their best
But Jessy is not to be seen
Though I walk till the sun's in the west
I fancy still each wood and plain
Where I and Jessy strayed
Then I was a country swain
And she a happy maid.


But woods and wilds are lonely now
Their wild flowers blow unseen
The birds sing lone upon the bough
Where Jessy once had been
But now through months she keeps away
And I am lone behind
Trees tell me so from day to day
When waving in the wind.


Birds tell me so upon the bough
That I'm threadbare now and old
The very sun looks on me now
A being dead and cold
I had a place where I could rest
And love and quiet be
That quiet place was Jessy's breast
And still a hope to me.


The spring comes brighter day by day
And brighter flowers appear
And though she ever keeps away
Her name is ever here
Jessy's love is so dear to my bosom
I wonder what tempts her to stay
The white thorn will soon be in blossom
And we may be married by May.
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