Jewish Maids


O I love the dark eyes of the Jewish maids
Land of Israels diadems
Though their lot it be fallen in ruinous shades
They shine in the valley bright gems
By the plains of Jeosophat sweet they recline
Where the temples of God are no more
Like flowers from high heaven they blossom divine
Though the reign of their prophet is o'er


O I love the soft eyes of the dark Jewish maids
On the plains of Jeosophat weeping
Gods image of beauty in ruins dark shades
While their land in its miseries sleeping
Their temples are fallen their alters o'erthrown
Jerusalems the song singers story
Their kings and their Princess's in toombs dead & gone
Where the weeds rankle high o'er their glory


O I love the dark eyes of the Jewish maids
Though their kingdom is perished and fled
Perrenial their bloom in their beautiful shades
Though they dwell in the tombs of the dead
I love the dark eyes of those beautiful girls
New Jerusalem shall know them again
They shall shine round their alters like diamonds & pearls
In Jehovah their love shall remain
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