A Jingle on the Times


" I am a painter

Of Earth's pied hue;

What can my pencil

Do for you?"

" — You can do nothing,

Nothing, nothing,

Nations want nothing

That you can do."


" I am a sculptor,

A worker who

Preserves dear features

The tombs enmew." —

" — Sculpture, sculpture!

More than sculpture

For dear remembrance

Have we to do."


" I am a poet,

And set in view

Life and its secrets

Old and new." —

" — Poets we read not,

Heed not, feed not,

Men now need not

What they do."


" I'm a musician,

And balm I strew

On the passions people

Are prone unto." —

" — Music? Passions

Calmed by music?

Nothing but passions

Today will do!"


" I am an actor;

The world's strange crew

In long procession

My masques review."

" — O it's not acting,

Acting, acting

And glassing nature

That's now to do!"


" I am an architect;

Once I drew

Glorious buildings,

And built them too." —

" — That was in peace-time,

Peace-time, peace-time,

Nought but demolishing

Now will do."


" I am a preacher:

I would ensue

Whatsoever things are

Lovely, true." —

" — Preachers are wordy,

Wordy, wordy;

Prodding's the preaching

We've now to do."


" How shall we ply, then,

Our old mysteries?" —

" — Silly ones! Must we

Show to you

What is the only

Good, artistic,

Cultured, Christian

Thing to do?


" To manners, amenities,

Bid we adieu, —

To the old lumber

Of Right and True!

Fighting, smiting,

Running through;

That's now the civilized

Thing to do."

December 1914

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