The Jolly Wagoner

When I first went awagoning, awagoning did go,
I filled my parents' hearts full of sorrow, grief and woe,
And many are the hardships that I have since gone through.

Sing wo, my lads, sing wo; drive on, my lads, I oh!
Who would-n't lead the life of a jolly wagoner?


It is a cold and stormy night, and I'm wet to the skin;
I will bear it with contentment till I get into the inn,
And then I'll get to drinking with the landlord and his kin.
CHORUS : Sing wo, etc.


Now summer it is coming, — what pleasure we shall see;
The small birds are a-singing on every bush and tree,
The blackbirds and the thrushes all are whistling merrliee.
CHORUS : Sing wo, etc.


Now Michaelmas is coming, — what pleasure we shall find!
It will make the gold to fly, my boys, like chaff before the wind;
And every lad shall take his lass, so loving and so kind.
CHORUS : Sing wo, etc.
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