The Jovial Drinker

A plague on those fools who exclaim against wine,
And fly the dear sweets that the bottle doth bring;
It heightens the fancy, the wit does refine,
And he that was first drunk was made the first king.

By the help of good claret old age becomes youth,
And sick men still find this the only physician;
Drink largely, you'll know by experience the truth,
That he that drinks most is the best politician

To victory this leads on the brave cavalier,
And makes all the terrors of war but delight;
This flushes his courage, and beats off base fear,
'Twas that that taught Caesar and Pompey to fight.

This supports all our friends, and knocks down all our foes,
This makes all men loyal from courtier to clown;
Like Dutchman from brandy, from this our strength grows;
So 'tis wine, noble wine, that's a friend to the crown.
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