When Judas , from the guilt-avenging tree
Self-launch'd, his own dread persecutor fell —
Ascending from the depth of deepest Hell,
An Emissary-Fiend arose — to see
The tortur'd Spirit (from its dungeon free)
Chain'd by the Furies — to the burning well
Sped him in triumph, and with clamorous yell
Announc'd him Satan's proselyte! but he,
With smile insidious, from his blazing throne
Hung over him enraptur'd, — hail'd his guilt
With shouts of joy, and far above the rest
Exalted him — of traitors, who had shown
Pre-eminent apostacy — had spilt
The purest blood, and, murdering, had caress'd.
Then — as he open'd Hell's profound abyss —
He gave him back his own deceitful kiss .
Author of original: 
Lapo Gianni
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