The Judge's Niece

T HE Judge, his ermine laid aside,
For happiness exchanging pride,
Of life's gay term renews the lease,
And plays at cribbage with his Niece .

'Tis true the Niece we here disclose
Is lovely as a new-born rose;
And Love could find a golden fleece,
If he should light on such a Niece .

The vestals of severe decorum,
A dish of scandal plac'd before 'em,
Have tongues that cannot rest in peace
Till they have stripp'd the Judge's Niece .

Whatever he can do or say,
The gossip tongues will have their way;
'Tis a mere flock of hissing geese —
They cannot hurt the Judge's Niece .

But generous hearts my love respect,
And are too noble to suspect;
From calumny his fame release,
And give him joy of such a Niece .
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