Just Vengeance Claims Thy Soul for Rights Invaded?

Just vengeance claims thy Soul for rights invaded?
Lo! while before Minerva's altar quake
The conscious Tyrants, like a vengeful snake
Leaps forth the sword that lurked, with myrtles braided!
Thence to the Capitol, by Fancy aided,
The hushed design of Brutus to partake;
Or watch the hero of the Helvetian Lake
Till from that rocky couch, with pine o'ershaded,
He starts—and grasps his deadly carabine.
Nor let thy thirst forego the draught divine
Of Liberty, which like a liquid fountain
Refreshed Pelayo on the illustrious Mountain,
The Swede within the Dalecarlian mine,
When every hope but his was shrunk, and faded.
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