Katie Went to Haiti


Katie went to Haiti,
Stopped off for a rest.
Katie met a natie,
Katie was impressed.
After a week in Haiti
She started to go away,
Then Katie met another natie,
So Katie prolonged her stay.
After a month in Haiti
She decided to resume her trip,
But Katie met still another natie
And Katie missed the ship.
So Katie lived in Haiti,
Her life there, it was great,
'Cause Katie knew her Haiti
And practically all Haiti
Knew Katie.


Katie stayed in Haiti,
Spending all her pay.
Katie met a natie
Ev'ry other day.
Katie would tell the natie
That Katie was out for thrills.
Each natie got a few for Katie
And Katie, she got the bills.
After a year in Haiti
She decided she should really go,
But Katie had lived at such a ratie
That Katie had no dough.
So Katie stuck to Haiti
Delighted with her fate,
'Cause Katie still had Haiti
And practically all Haiti
Had Katie.


Katie looked at Haiti
Feeling rather tired.
Katie met a natie,
Katie was inspired.
After another natie
She sat down and wrote a book,
A guidebook for visitors to Haiti
Called " Listen, Stop and Look! "
After the book by Katie
Had been published in the U.S.A.,
The ratie of tourist trade in Haiti
Got bigger ev'ry day.
When Katie died at eighty
They buried her in state,
For Katie made her Haiti
And practically all Haiti
Made Katie.
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