‘Keepsakes?’ she asked, then grew her sweet eyes grave,
‘Why yes, old-fashioned as it is, my dear,
I hoard some treasures Cousin Malcolm gave
To me before he went away last year.

‘Three gems he left me, then came a good-bye:
Then crossed he to that “far-off land” alone,
But those three treasures are a precious tie
That binds us through the distance where he's gone.

‘One is a plain and heavy hoop of gold:
To others 'tis an ordinary thing,
But unto me it means a wealth untold—
His faith and mine are in that wedding ring.

‘I count so royal his untarnished name
And strive to wear it worthily alway—
To keep it clothed in honour, just the same
As Malcom gave it ere he went away.

‘Blue blessed eyes and hair of golden light
My crowning jewel has—so like to his,
God help me lead our little child aright
Till I may follow where my darling is.’
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