The Khwun-Ming Lake

In ancient times the flags of Wu
Made gay the Khwun-ming Lake,
On which his ships in mimic strife
The decks of foemen rake.

But now deserted is the scene,
And in the moon's pale light,
The Spinning-Maid upon the shore
Sits silent in the night.

The Autumn breezes seem to move
The mammoth stony whales,
And send a tremor through their frames
Vibrating all their scales.

The Ku-mi seeds float on the waste,
As clouds of sombre hue;
The lotus-flowers are crushed beneath
The weight of frozen dew.

While from the cloud-capped Pass above,
The eagle's eye aglow,
Sees but an aged fisherman
Midst lakes and streams below.
Author of original: 
Tu Fu
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