Kisses in the Train

I saw the midlands
Revolve through her hair;
The fields of autumn
Stretching bare,
And sheep on the pasture
Tossed back in a scare.

And still as ever
The world went round,
My mouth on her pulsing
Throat was found,
And my breast to her beating
Breast was bound.

But my heart at the centre
Of all, in a swound
Was still as a pivot,
As all the ground
On its prowling orbit
Shifted round.

And still in my nostrils
The scent of her flesh;
And still my blind face
Sought her afresh;
And still one pulse
Through the world did thresh.

And the world all whirling
Round in joy
Like the dance of a dervish
Did destroy
My sense—and reason
Spun like a toy.

But firm at the centre
My heart was found;
My own to her perfect
Heartbeat bound,
Like a magnet's keeper
Closing the round.
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