Lady Mary Wortley to Mr Cavendish on His First Addresses

Go Lovely Youth, some happier fair Address,
If she has merit you must meet Success,
On such a form none ever Coldly Gazed,
She must be Stupid or she must be pleased.
Lost to delight thus far Even I am Moved,
I see one Object worthy to be Loved,
No Longer left at Liberty to Chuse
Wish when I gaze and sigh when I refuse,
Yet Arm'd with reason firmly I withstand
Your pleading Eyes, your softly pressing hand.
But Let not this Confession of my Mind
Sooth a Vain hope I shall be one day kind,
Not like the Gay Coquet who seems to fly,
Fly's to be follow'd, Courted wou'd Comply,
A Double Meaning dwells in Every Glance
And Each denial is a Strong Advance.
Passion like mine's a Stranger to all art,
Without disguise my toungue declares my Heart,
So Lovely Youth does my Affections bear,
Soft are my Meanings and my Soul Sincere,
But least thy presence my resolves shou'd shake
And I for thee My Honour shou'd forsake
Without reserve by Every power I swore
On No Occation I wou'd see you More.
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