A Lament

I cannot if I would be gay


I cannot if I would be gay
Nor love what I adored
Strife stole my feelings all away
Nor e'er a thought restored
I felt a love for many things
That would in raptures fall
Creations light on varied wings
And woman most of all


I loved them with a Poets love
And loved them as a man
I loved them as the blest above
And will do while I can
I loved them for a better place
Birds woman flowers and grass
And worship on the red rose face
Of every bonny lass


My muses they — and Poets too
The sum of every song
I see them in the sun and dew
And all the year long
Angels on earth they are and give
Me feelings thoughts and tears
Fond hopes new feelings still to live
A longer length of years


To live and see when strife shall cease
And kindred kindred meet
A land of love of health and peace
In cottage town and street
The winds shall blow and rivers flow
And clouds slow sail above
When earth shall turn to heaven below
And love be lost in love
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