A Lare at Noon

I love it well in summer hours
To trace the pea[c]ful wood
To shun the evils of the earth
& share of what is good
To cast the bitter draught aside
W[h]ich care is daily giving
& seek the joys unstaind wi pride
Of nature & of heaven.

Were the poor squatting hare is blest
With what this life supplys
Lovd haunts that give her wanderings rest
Which cruel man denies
Were natures quiet luxury shoots
Her blossoms for the bee
There too she mosses round the roots
A heavenly seat for me.

There with a book I love to be
& sit for hours together
Or watching things that share wi me
The summers lovly weather
To see each humming namless flye
Among the branches play
Or bright green beetles bustling bye
On travel faraway.

& red & yellow lady cows
I often do delight
To see them trot up weeds & boughs
To such a spacious height
Or smooth bullrushes taper stem
Till reachd the very top
A steeples hight or more to them
Yet sees no fear to stop

& on a mossy bank reclind
I often love to lye
To watch leaves twitter in the wind
& clouds pass in the sky
& green grass hoppers vaulting springs
Ive watchd wi wild supprise
& counted colors in the wings
Of settling butterflyes

& hid me neath the crimpled brake
Were nightingales have sung
To watch the wary songster take
Its morsel to its young
& oft were black thorn closly weaves
My leisures been employd
To seek its dark eggs rapt in leaves
& left them undestroyd

& were grass hides the leafy walks
& holds the dew for hours
Were kecks lift high on hollow stalks
Their multitude of flowers
Were shadows round me as in play
To soft winds gently sweep
& peace beneath spread mosses grey
Ive sat on stulps to sleep

& on snug thickets sward at ease
Oerhung wi many a bough
Of hazel bush & oaken trees
Ive lain me down as now
While swiming in my half closd eye
The summers joys woud seem
To pass & pass unceasing bye
Like pictures in a dream

Forms shadowing life still flitting bye
At visiond fancys will
& fast as moments breath & dye
Fresh forms creating still
What taste oft sees in fancys sleep
Perhaps of fairy birth
Things garmented in mysterys deep
That have no place on earth

Who has not felt the joys I feel
Left in this secret nook
Which willows from the path conseal
& thorns that hide the brook
Stretchd on the green grass free from noise
Save sounds of pleasant things
Reading the picturd thoughts & joys
Which musing fancy brings

Who has not felt that extacy
That fancys power employs
In peopling edens wild & free
As schoolboy hope enjoys
Those scenes of mild eternity
With which her joys abound
Which dreams unveil of mistery
& smile in beauty round.
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