The Last Signal

Silently I footed by an uphill road
That led from my abode to a spot yewboughed;
Yellowly the sun sloped low down to westward,
And dark was the east with cloud.

Then, below the shadow of that livid sad east,
Where the light was least, and a gate stood wide,
Flashed a reflection of the sun that was facing it,
Like a brief blaze on that side.

Looking hard and harder I knew what it meant--
The sudden shine sent from the livid east scene;
It meant the sun mirrored by the coffin of my friend there,
Turning to the road from his green,

To take his last journey forth--he who in his prime
Trudged so many a time from that gate athwart the land!
Thus a farewell to me he signalled on his grave-way,
As with a wave of his hand.
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