A Letany for the New-Year

From all and more than I have written here,
I wish you well protected this New-year ,
From Civil war, and such uncivil things
As ruine Law and Gospel, Priests and Kings;
From those who for self-ends would all betray,
From such new Saints that Pistol when they pray ,
From flattering Faces with infernal Souls ,
From new Reformers , such as pull down Pauls ,
From Linsy woolsy Lords , from Town betrayers,
From Apron Preachers , and extempore Prayers,
From Pulpit -blasphemy & bold Rebellion ,
From Bloud and — something else that I could tell ye on,
From new false Teachers which destroy the old ,
From those that turn the Gospel into Gold ,
From that black Pack where Clubs are alwayes Trump ,
From Bodies Politique and from the Rump ,
From those that ruine when they should repair ,
From such as cut off Heads instead of Hair ,
From twelve Months Taxes and abortive Votes ,
From chargeable Nurse-Children in red Coats ,
From such as sell their Souls to save their Sums ,
From City Charters that make Heads for Drums ,
From Magistrates which have no truth or knowledge,
From the red Students now in Gresham Colledge,
From Governments erected by the Rabble ,
From sweet Sir Arthurs Knights of the round Table,
From City-Saints whose Anagram is Stains ,
From Plots and being choak'd with our own Chains ,
From these, and ten times more which may ensue,
The Poet prays, Good Lord deliver you .
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