Lifting Belly - Part One

I have been heavy and had much selecting. I saw a star which was low. It was so low it twinkled. Breath was in it. Little pieces are stupid.
I want to tell about fire. Fire is that which we have when we have olive. Olive is a wood. We like linen. Linen is ordered. We are going to order linen.
All belly belly well.
Bed of coals made out of wood.
I think this one may be an expression. We can understand heating and burning composition. Heating with wood.
Sometimes we readily decide upon wind we decide that there will be stars and perhaps thunder and perhaps rain and perhaps no moon. Sometimes we decide that there will be a storm and rain. Sometimes we look at the boats. When we read about a boat we know that it has been sunk. Not by the waves but by the sails. Any one knows that rowing is dangerous. Be alright. Be careful. Be angry. Say what you think. Believe in there being the same kind of a dog. Jerk. Jerk him away. Answer that you do not care to think so.
We quarreled with him. We quarreled with him then. Do not forget that I showed you the road. Do not forget that I showed you the road. We will forget it because he does not oblige himself to thank me. Ask him to thank me.
The next time that he came we offered him something to read. There is a great difference of opinion as to whether cooking in oil is or is not healthful.
I don't pardon him. I find him objectionable.
What is it when it's upset. It isn't in the room. Moonlight and darkness. Sleep and not sleep. We sleep every night.
What was it.
I said lifting belly.
You didn't say it.
I said it I mean lifting belly.
Don't misunderstand me.
Do you.
Do you lift everybody in that way.
You are to say No.
Lifting belly.
How are you.
Lifting belly how are you lifting belly.
We like a fire and we don't mind if it smokes.
Do you.
How do you do. The Englishmen are coming. Not here. No an Englishwoman. An Englishman and an Englishwoman.
What did you say lifting belly. I did not understand you correctly. It is not well said. For lifting belly. For lifting belly not to lifting belly.
Did you say, oh lifting belly.
What is my another name.
Of what.
Of the evils of eating.
What are they then.
They are sweet and figs.
Do not send them.
Yes we will it will be very easy.
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