To a Light Houskeeper

(Who hitches laundering articles to the curtain
string and pastes them on the pane.)

Lady, thou that livest
Just across the way,
If a hang thou givest
What the people say,
If a cuss thou carest
What a poet thinks-
Hearken, if thou darest,
Most immodest minx!

Though thy gloves thou tiest,
To the curtain string,
Though the things thou driest
Gird me while I sing,
Hankies and inventions
Of the lacy tribe-
Things I may not mention,
Let alone describe.

These I mutely stand for
Though the sight offend,
THIS I reprimand for;
Take it from a friend:

Cease to pin thy tresses
To the window sill,
Or I'll tell the presses-
Honestly, I will.

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