Lines given to William Darlington


The dumb shall speak, and the deaf shall hear,
In the brighter days to come,
When they've passed through the troubled scenes of life
To a higher and happier home

They shall hear the trumpet's fearful blast,
And the crash of the rending tomb,
And the sinner's cry of agony,
As he wakes to his dreaded doom

And the conqueror's shout, and the ransomed's song,
On their opened ears shall fall;
And the tongue of the dumb, in the chorus of praise,
Shall be louder and higher than all.

O, Thou! whose still voice can need no ear
To the heart its message to bear!
Who cansThear the unuttered reply of the heart,
As it glows in the fervor of prayer,

Speak in thy pity and power to these
Who only Thee can hear;
And bend, to the call of their speaking hearts,
Thine ever-listening ear.
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