Lines-to Helen Maria

Helen Maria! lovely Helen!
Ere the foliage leaves the tree,
Ere the snow storm hides the dwelling,
Take a country walk with me,
In thy sunday shawl, and gown;
With thy best straw bonnet on,
Let us leave the tiresome town,
And go where love and summer's gone —


Go to the grove of willows grey,
That lean upon the rivers side,
Where the green flag's, rustling play,
And the wild duck, wanders wide:
Where the old oak, darkly green,
Shows autumn in a yellow bough;
Helen Maria seek the scene,
With health upon thy bonny brow.


And we, will mark the river run,
And fishes leap above the stream,
All golden with the Autumn sun,
How happy will the journey seem!
How happy will thy bosom be!
To feel the kiss so softly prest:
If Helen loves — walk out with me,
We in each others hearts shall rest.
To " Helen Maria Gardiner" —
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