Little Children Brought unto the Lord Jesus Christ -

Little Children Brought unto the Lord JESUS CHRIST .

When Little Children once were brought
To our most Gracious Lord:
Them that Oppos'd, He better Taught,
By this most precious Word:

" Suffer Your Little Children , so,
" Forbid them not, I say,
" Their Saviour to come unto;
" I'm He , and come they may.

" Acknowledge me a mighty King ,
" That Heavenly Graces give;
" Infants to me, for Subjects bring;
" My Heaven does them receive.

Thus does our Blessed Shepherd call,
Our lambs into His Fold:
Lord pour thy Blessings on them all,
Blessings richer than Gold.

Oh! What a Glorious Grace is This,
Which God through Christ will grant,
That HE ours and our Childrens is,
In His Best Covenant .
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