A Little Lame Boy's Views

On 'Scursion-days — an' Shows — an' Fairs —
They ain't no bad folks anywheres! —
On street-cars — same as you —
Seems like some body allus sees
I'm lame, an' takes me on their knees,
An' holds my crutches, too —
An' asts me what's my name, an' pays
My fare theirse'f — On all Big Days!

The mob all scrowdges you an' makes
Enough o' bluffs, fer goodness-sakes!
But none of 'em ain't mad —
They're only lettin' on. — I know; —
An' I can tell you why it's so:
They're all of 'em too glad —
They're ever' one , jes' glad as me
To be there, er they wouldn't be!

The man that sells the tickets snoops
My " one-er " in, but sort o' stoops
An' grins out at me — then
Looks mean an' business-like an' sucks
His big mustache at me an' chucks
Too much change out again. —
He's a smooth citizen , an' yit
He don't fool me one little bit!

An' then, inside — fer all the jam —
Folks, seems-like, all knows who I am,
An' tips me nods an' winks;
An' even country-folks has made
Me he'p eat pie an' marmalade,
With bottled milk fer " drinks " ! —
Folks all's so good to me that I —
Sometimes — I nearly purt' near' cry .

An' all the kids , high-toned er pore,
Seems better than they wuz before,
An' wants to kind o' " stand
In " with a feller — see him through
The free lay-out an' sideshows , too,
An' do the bloomin' " grand " !
On 'Scursion-days — an' Shows an' Fairs —
They ain't no bad folks anywheres!
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