Long Gone

I laks yo' kin' of lovin'
Ain't never caught you wrong
But it jes ain' nachal
Fo' to stay here long;

It jes ain' nachal
Fo' a railroad man
With a itch fo' travellin'
He cain't understan'. . . .

I looks at de rails
An' I looks at de ties,
An I hears an ole freight
Puffin' up de rise,

An' at nights on my pallet
When all is still
I listens fo' de empties
Bumpin' up de hill;

When I oughta be quiet
I is got a itch
Fo' to hear de whistle blow
Fo' de crossin', or de switch.

An' I knows de time's a nearin'
When I got to ride
Though its homelike and happy
At yo' side.

You is done all you could do
To make me stay
Tain't no fault of yours I'se leavin'—
I'se jes dataway.

I is got to see some people
I ain' never seen
Gotta highball thu some country
Whah I never been. . . .

I don't know which way I'm travellin'—
Far or near,
All I knows fo' certain is
I cain't stay here.

Ain't no call at all, sweet woman
Fo' to carry on,—
Jes my name and jes my habit
To be Long Gone. . . .
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