A Long Time Ago

1. When I — was young and in — my prime, To me way ayay
yah , I — thought I'd go — and join — the line, Oh, a
long time — a go . just listen awhile

2 And as a sailor caught a shine
In a lot they called the Black Ball Line.

3 Now, come all you young fellers that's going to sea,
And just listen a while unto me.

4 I'll sing you a song and I won't keep you long.
It's all about the Black Ball Line.

5 Just see the Black Ballers preparing for sea.
You'd split your sides laughing the sights you would see.

6 There's tinkers 'n' tailors, shoemakers 'n' all,
For they're all shipped as sailors on board a Black Ball.

7 Now, one more pull and we'll let her go.
We'll h'ist her up through frost and snow.

8 Just one more pull and we'll show her clew,
And another long pull and that will do.
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