Longer to trow ye


Longer to trow ye
What may it avail me?
For right well know ye,
Ye swore it unto me
Still for to love me
Alone and no moe.
But ye have deceived me.
Who could have thought so?

Your fair words caught me
And made me your mickle
But time hath taught me
Their truth is too tickle.
Since faith is fickle
And flitted you fro,
Your ware is too brickle.
Who would have thought so?

Your great assurance
Full oft-times did glad me.
But the performance
Hath as well made me,
As reason bade me,
To let your love go.
With lies ye have lade me.
Who could have thought so?

Your faith and your oath
Fly abroad in the wind.
I would be right loathe
To stay that by kind
Could never yet find
In change to say " whoa".
This mean I by your mind.
Who could have thought so?

Since wax nor writing
Can certain assure ye,
Nor love nor liking
Can no ways allure ye
Once to procure ye
To staidness to grow,
I cannot endure ye.
I care not who know.

But trust well that I
Shall never mistrust ye.
I care not a fly,
Go love where it lust ye;
For needs change must ye
In weal and in woe.
In that most I trust ye.
Who could have thought so?

Farewell, unstable,
For here I forsake thee.
True love is not able
True lover to make thee.
Therefore I betake thee
To them that do know
The ways how to break thee
Where I could not so.
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