The Lords Prayer

Our Father , in the Heavenly Throne,
Inclin'd from thence to Help us all;
For the Sake of thy Blessed Son ,
Thy Children thus upon Thee Call.

We would thy Ever-glorious Name ,
As Holy , with Great Fear Adore:
And wish that All may in the same,
Thy Holy One Praise Evermore.

May thy Just Kingdom Come , we Pray
That thou art the Worlds King , we know:
But, Oh! bring on that Happy Day,
When all the World shall own Thee so.

May we thy Righteous Will approve,
And it all Things commanding see,
As it in the New Heaven above,
And the New Earth below, shall be.

Lord, Give us a Convenient Food ;
What may be Such , to Thee we leave,
And let us not want any Good ;
All we Rely on Thee to give.

Our Faults , by which we are in Debt
To Thy dread Justice, Lord, Release:
Christ Payes our Debt ; And we Forget,
For this , our Neighbours Injuries.

We're Frail; Us from Temptation Save;
Sins , Oh! Sins , The worst Evils are:
Us Let not Evil Tempters have,
And hold in any Sinful Snare .

Thou hast the Rule of All; A Word
Of thine can Do All: To Thee then
All Honour's due: We Shout, O Lord,
AMEN, in Faith of thy, AMEN!
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