A Lost Eden

Ah, it was a lonely place,
Where I walked to-day —
That old Garden of Delights,
Where we used to stray.

She is far, whose hand I held
In that bygone time —
Where the summer roses laughed
Clings the winter's rime.

Helen, stately, Helen fair,
Where are you to-night?
Do you gather brighter blooms,
Tranced in new delight?

I remember how you stood —
You who wrought my woe —
Wiling me with strange, sweet smile,
When the sun was low;

And I lingered by your side
Till the stars arose
And looked down with curious eyes
On that Garden Close.

Now you wander, who knows where,
Helen, fair and glad,
Deaf to whispers from the past —
Why should I be sad?
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