Is love a flower to bud then bloom

Is love a flower to bud then bloom
And give to sunshine its perfume
Then die and be as nothing where
The earth of the succeeding year
And is it nothing else but earth
Sure it is of holier birth
Not born to fade and pass away
But like the heavens eternal ray
Bright, beaming beautiful and high
As morning in a summer sky
As sunshine in sweet summer showers
As colours in the sweetest flowers
But love's not without shadows born
Nor roses bloom without a thorn
And love carressing or derided
The flower and leaf is undivided
Love cannot part or death desever
The heart truth keeps in love for ever
Nature cherisheth the flower
And keeps it in a wavering hour
To bloom perrennial — no decay
Can ever fade the flower away
Till earth becomes like heaven above
The paradise of heaven like love —
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