Lovely Alice Grey

Of all the maids in scottish land Or lands ayont the sea
Had I the world at my command The world to her I'd gie
I think upon her all the night And all the summers day
My anxious days my whole delight Is lovely Alice Grey

The linnet in the awthorn shade Sings music all the day
And a conspire to cheer the maid Wi' waters roundelay
I play the tunes to please myself And love her while I play
And think she likes my songs as well The lovely Alice Grey

She's fairer than the mountain flowers More bright than peep o' day
She's sweeter than the e'eing hours when day light goes away
There's naething like her sees the light Nought seen by night or day
That's half so beautiful and bright As lovely Alice Grey

I see her in the morning sky Just at the break of day
When happy fancies fill my eye Wi' visions fair and gay
She's mair to me than all beside The summer fades away
But every green in beauty's pride Is handsome Alice Grey
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