A Lover's Fancies

" What sounds like pewter? " said my Rose, in play —
" The fall of earth upon a coffin lid."
" Like tin? " — " The cock-crow heralding the day,
Or infant wailing that its mother chid."
" Like steel? " — " The quick sharp twitter on the spray
Of numerous sparrows in the foliage hid."
" Like gold? " — " The strong wind over forests borne,
Or full-bass singer chanting prayer and creed."
" Like brass? " — " The neighing of a frightened steed,
Or roar of people clamoring for corn."
" Like iron? " — " Thunder-claps suddenly woken,
Startling the city in the summer night."
" Like silver? " — " Thy sweet voice that speaks delight,
And breathes Love's promise, never to be broken."
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