A Loyal Subjects Oath

T H is is my Oath, for ever to despise,
With heart and soul and all my Faculties
The Kings proud foes, and with my life subdue
All that to his Sacred Majesty are not true,
To execute his Precepts with my Blood,
So far as Conscience dictates it is good;
To make my body a Bullwark 'gainst his foes,
And to maintain his red and whitest Rose,
Venture Life and Living, Sword and Muse,
Still to uphold the Glorious Flower-de-luce:
To be the same to Prince, and Duke of York ,
Or for a cursed Jew that eats no Pork,
Let me be Cursed, and receive the Curse
Hangs over Pym , and Hotham , and a worse
I cannot wish, he that denyes this Oath,
Let these, and my Curse, light upon them both.
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