A Loyal Wish

What Faith, Hope , and Charity ,
Fanaticks in Truth profess,
By Germanie's Woe,
And our Rebells here too,
Well may we do more than guess
Th' ar' just like Gadarens Swine,
Which the Devils did drive and bewitch!
An Herd, set on evil,
Will run to the Devil,
And's Dam, when their Tails do itch:
The let 'um run on!
Say's Ned, Tom , and Iohn:
Ay! let 'um be hang'd, quoth Mun!
Th'ar' mine quoth old Nick ,
And take 'um sayes Dick ,
And well come! quoth worshipfull Dun .
And God bless King Charles , quoth George ,
And save him, say's Simon and Sill ,
I, I, quoth old Cole , and each loyal Soul,
And Amen, and Amen, cry's Will .
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