Lucy My Dear

Come love and walk
In the field we will talk
An gae down the bauk
Lucy my dear
At the close o the even
Thy cot & kin leaving
We'll meet and make Heaven
Lucy my dear

Where winding river flows
Where the clear burnie goes
And the wild briar grows
Lucy my dear
There come & greet me
By moonlight I'll meet thee
I know thoult not cheat me
Lucy my dear

When cows a' done feeding
And foulks gang fra weeding
And kail gang to seeding
Lucy my dear
We'll gang to the burn
Nor 'till moonlight return
There'll be no cause to mourn
Lucy my dear

Lucy love hear me
I long to be near thee
To see thee will cheer me
Lucy my dear
Thy face is the may rose
Eyes like the violet glows
Hidden in calm repose
Lucy my dear

The grass do not shun it
There's nae dews upon it
Sae put on thy bonnet
Lucy my dear
The Land rail is craiking
The odd crow is making
For the wood oer the braken
Lucy my dear

You've done milking and cleaning
At the close of the evening
The burn willows are leaning
Come Lucy my dear
The sun he is leaving
His tints on the evening
We'll meet and make Heaven
With Lucy my dear
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