Luve-Sang on Houp

My ladyis pulchritud
Hes me so plong'd in paine,
That mar'd in mynd and muid,
Mirthles I man remaine.
Unles that fluid
Of graces gud,
Be mansuetud,
My rest restoir againe.

Blind Boy! thow dois so beir
My fortoun in ballance,
I flie from houp to feir;
From feir till esperance.
Now thair, now heir;
Now peace, now weir;
Chainging my cheir,
As chainges ay my chance.

As in the wind I wie,
Ay wavering with the wechtis,
Feir wald force Fayth to flie;
And Faith with Fortoun fechtis.
And this, ye se,
Is my degrie;
Now low, now hie,
As houp gud hap me hechtis.

Yit houp hings be ane hair,
Houping aganes all houp;
Albeit from cair to cair,
Thow catche my hairt in coup;
Yit, mair and mair,
I lyk thy lair.
And, for no sair,
Nor sorrow, can I soup.

And hap I apprehend
Be houp, I wait not how,
And pertlie I pretend,
And preis aganes the prow.
And ay intend
That way to wend;
And, in the end,
For to attein I trow.
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