Madam, I you require


Madam, I you require
No longer time detract.
Let truth in you appear
And give me that I lack.

Ye wot as well as I
That promise ye did make,
When time I could espy
I should have that I lack.

Both time and place ye have
My fervent pains to slack.
Nothing, alas, I crave
But only that I lack.

Which thing methink is due,
Rememb'ring what ye spake;
For if your words be true
I must have that I lack.

The Answer

Your foolish, feigned haste
Full small effect shall take.
Your words in vain ye wrest.
Ye get not that ye lack.

I wot, as ye shall find,
The promise I did make.
No promise shall me bind.
Ye get not that ye lack.

Though time and place I have
To slide if truth were slack,
Though still ye cry and crave,
Ye get not that ye lack.

Because ye think it due,
I speak that that I spake.
And this word shall be true:
Ye get not that ye lack.
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