Maid o' the Wilderness

Maid o' the wilderness
Sweet i' thy rural dress
Fond thy rich lips I press
Under this tree
Morning her health bestows
Sprinkles dews on the rose
That by the bramble grows
Maid happy be
Womanhood round thee glows
Wander wi me

The rest harrow blooming
The sun just a coming
Grass and bushes illuming
And spreading oak tree
Come hither sweet Susan
Nor longer be choosing
The morning is losing
Its incense for thee
The pea leaf has dews on
Love wander wi me.

We'll walk by the river
And love more than ever
There's nought shall dissever
My fondness for thee
Soft ripples the water
Flags rustle like laughter
And fish follow after
Leaves dropt from the tree
Susan's beauty's fair Daughter
Love wander wi me.
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