Man, bewar of thine wowing

Man, bewar of thine wowing,
For wedding is the longe wo.

Loke er thine herte be set;
Loke thou wowe er thou be knet;
And if thou see thou mow do bet,
Knet up the heltre and let her go.

Wives be bothe stoute and bolde;
Her husbondes agens hem durn not holde;
And if he do, his herte is colde,
Howsoevere the game go.

Wedowes be wol fals, iwis,
For they cun bothe halse and kis,
Till ones purs piked is,
And they seyn, " Go, boy, go! "

Of madenes I will seyn but litil,
For they be bothe fals and fekil,
And under the tail they ben full tekil;
A twenty devel name, let hem go!
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