The Man of Law's Epilogue

[Owre Hoost upon his stiropes stood anon,
And seyde, " Goode men, herkeneth everych on!
This was a thrifty tale for the nones!
Sir Parisshe Prest, " quod he, " for Goddes bones,
Telle us a tale, as was thi forward yore.
I se wel that ye lerned men in lore
Can moche good, by Goddes dignitee! "
The Parson him answerde, " Benedicite!
What eyleth the man, so synfully to swere? "
Oure Host answerde, " O Jankin, be ye there?
I smelle a Lollere in the wynd, " quod he.
" Now! goode men, " quod oure Hoste, " herkeneth me;
Abydeth, for Goddes digne passioun,
For we schal han a predicacioun;
This Lollere heer wil prechen us somwhat. "
" Nay, by my fader soule, that schal he nat! "
Seyde the Shipman, " Heer schal he nat preche;
He schal no gospel glosen here ne teche.
We leven alle in the grete God, " quod he;
" He wolde sowen som difficulte,
Or springen cokkel in our clene corn.
And therfore, Hoost, I warne thee biforn,
My joly body schal a tale telle,
And I schal clynken you so mery a belle,
That I schal waken al this compaignie.
But it schal not ben of philosophie,
Ne phislyas, ne termes queinte of lawe.
Ther is but litel Latyn in my mawe! " ]
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