Many Dear Things

There's mony dear things i' the land we live in To make us more happy then other folks are
There's bonny wee Bessy the pride O her kin Her cheeks are sae red and her bosom so fair
O' bonny wee Bessy to cuddle and bless thee And i' arm for caress thee
How sweet wud it be in the warm summer air

To kiss bonny Bessy that sweet bonny lass Wi' my arm round her shoulder my lips on her chin
While sitting beside her O' dear what a puther my heart it was in
O' bonny wee Bessy A arm for caress thee
Among the sweet hay grass How dear has it bin

The morning is lovely my sweet bonny maid On the side O the mountain how blooms the wild brere
As sweet as young Bessy it grows i the shade Where for stealing my heart O' I kissed her so dear
The bonny young Bessey not showey or dressy Mid' a blush 'neath her tresses
Cry'd " for shame" as she cropped off a rose from the brere
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