Marching Song Chal Chal Chal

By a drum beat to a heavenly height
from earth beneath and soil's blight
Youth rise in the dawn's light,
Left, now, now, right!

Through dawn's door, a shattering blow
we will bring daybreak, scarlet in glow;
We will destroy the gloom of the night
and hindering mountain height,
The youngest of young, a song will sing;
from buried bones we raise the living;
We are the ones, new life will bring
with a new arm of might.
Soldier, take your stand,
a heartening ear now bend;
doors that lead to death's portal,
a call to life extend!
Break all doors tight
and march you, left and right.

On high the ery to charge is made,
the martyr's captain for battle's arrayed;
In every direction, a marching parade
roushing the drowsy from night.
When did that ancient kingdom vanish away?
We want that ancient age today.
The troubadours song, we will sing and play.
weep with all your might!

Shed now, the pompous throne Awaken,
O you heedless drone!
See how the Persian rule sank down,
and Russia and Greece and Rome.
They all awoke to fight;
You feeble, now ignite!
From the dust, we will build anew
the Tai Mahal! Unite!
Left. right, Left, right!

[Original: Chal Chal Chal; Translation: John Thorpe]

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