Marriage Hymn

Let the full-voiced organ, joy expressing,
Chant and hymn, and marriage march unwind,
For the two who come with vow and blessing,
Heart and hand in sweet accord to bind.

Type wherein the mystery is holden
Of the Lord, and of the Church His bride,
Who stands by Him in her vesture golden
With a thousand hues diversified;

She for whose perfection and salvation
He esteem'd not pain nor counted loss,
Stoop'd His Godhead into incarnation,
Gave His body for her on the Cross.

To His altar tenderly she guideth
With glad words this daughter and this son;
To His human heart their fate confideth
Each His own, and now in Him made One.

Look down, Lord, at this our rite be present,
Speak the bridal blessing for this twain,
As of old the Galilean peasant
Hail'd Thee cheering all the bridal train.

Let Thy guiding hand be o'er them ever,
Life's poor water turning into wine:
And the bond that none but God may sever
Be to them a pledge of things divine.

Now to Thee who all Thy Saints shalt gather,
Bridegroom coming in the latter days;
To the Holy Ghost and to the Father
Evermore be honour, power, and praise.
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