To Mary. . .


Mary sweet Mary the spring is returning
The birds in the hedges are singing so sweet
While love in my heart is continually burning
As you my sweet Mary I chance oft' to meet
Bright is the green of white-thorn on the hedges
And sweet is the song of the cricket and bee
And dear all around is the summers young pledges
But Mary dear Mary is dearest to me


In the hedge on the hill, there the green linnet builds
And the crow builds her nest in the bonny ash tree
'Tis there when the morning the summer sun gilds
I wander from home love thinking of thee
Sweet Mary dear Mary sweeter than summer
And sweeter than wild flowers the home of the bee
Every prospect at mornings dawn is a new commer
As I stray from my home love thinking of thee


Sweet Mary dear Mary how handsome art thou
Thy eyes are as bright as the sun in the stream
The hedge roses blushes are warm on thy brow
And you haunt me for ever like a beautiful dream
Sweet Mary dear Mary I wander away
Both morning and evening to think upon thee
Where whiter than snow are the bushes of may
And them I compare to thy beauty and thee


The rose is thy face and the daisey thy bosom
And its pin head of gold is the brooch on thy breast
I could kiss them and court them till evening dews clos'd them
As the bright crimson sun dies away in the west
Then I wander home lonely and love but thee only
For thou'rt in every dew drop and wild flower I see
'Tis a week come next monday, since I wander'd out with thee
Still Mary dear Mary you'r dearest to me
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